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Why Chiropractic And How Chronic Fatigue Shows Up In Your Exam Results

Woman stress in consultWhen we have stressors in life that become too great, it creates a state in your central nervous system called subluxation. Basically, a subluxation is when the brain and spinal cord no longer work efficiently with the vertebral spinal column.

This dysfunction in the central nervous system can lead to dysfunctional stress responses through various channels, one being the adrenal medulla and the signals it sends to the amygdala (please review the poster, yes, THAT poster on the wall.) This may lead to excess use of energy (remember, chronic fatigue is an energy issue). And, as discussed below, you can’t be in adrenaline mode and healing mode at the same time, which also depletes energy.

This can show up on the scans you received in the office, both the heart rate variability and the static muscle scans, in various ways.

The heart rate variability scan illustrates your resiliency and adaptability. In other words, how likely are you to heal and repair based on your energy reserve. This graph shows us if you are building your reserve, living off the bottom of the tank, have enough to cope with day-to-day stress, or if you have enough reserve to pull yourself out of trouble.

The static muscle graph also illustrates energy in your body. This graph is associated with the energy expenditure for a simple task of sitting relaxed in the chair. If you’re just sitting there, relaxed, letting gravity push down on you, then we know that you should spend about 100 units of energy.

If you are using more than 100, then you are wasting energy, making more withdrawals than deposits. No wonder it leads to chronic fatigue.

Watch out for our next blog post all about the body’s stress response and the everyday stressors that can lead to chronic fatigue!

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