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Steps You Can Take Today To Begin Managing Your Energy Levels

father sons beach kiteIn our last installment on our series covering chronic fatigue, you’ll learn how to more effectively manage your triggers!

Give yourself some downtime.

This might look like a simple meditation, yoga, journaling, or sitting outdoors in a quiet place with your bare feet on the earth. It’s about being instead of doing. Also important here is to space out your exertion, so that you don’t wear yourself out in a short timeframe.

Learn to say NO.

One way to increase stress levels is to take on too much. You are unable to help others at the highest level possible if don’t take care of yourself first. It’s the oxygen mask analogy. Always put your oxygen mask on first, then you will be able to help the person sitting next to you.

Laugh and play…with your friends, your pets, or your kids.

Have you actually laughed out loud today? It feels really good, even when it’s something totally silly and inconsequential.

Chiropractic adjustments.

Balancing your stress response, affecting your posture and balance, and supporting your immune system are just a few ways chiropractic helps manage your energy levels.

Learn empowering emotional release.

Something like emotional freedom technique, or tapping, is a good place to start. Maybe talking things out with someone you trust. Emotions are energy-in-motion, so dancing and singing are other ways of releasing emotions in a healthy way and help build your energy deposits.

Eat well and eliminate food to which you may be sensitive.

We already know it’s important to avoid refined and processed foods, especially the white stuff. If you can’t read the label, then it’s probably not good for your body. If you do buy processed foods, then try to get the brand with the least amount of ingredients. Try to eat as much organic food as you possibly can.

Create an anti-inflammatory effect.

Focus on alkaline foods, such as citrus fruits, leafy greens, and cruciferous vegetables. Increasing your levels of healthy fats is also a good idea, such as avocados, coconut oil, and olive oil. Also being adequately hydrated is very important.

Reduce your toxic load.

Everything you put on your body adds to your chemical load, even the healthy stuff. Try to avoid as many unhealthy chemicals as possible, from your underarm deodorant to the way you freshen up your car.

Adequate Sleep.

Your body naturally produces the highest amount of human growth hormone between 10pm and midnight. This is the rejuvenation and repair hormone. The more sleep you get between 10 and midnight, the more cellular healing that can take place.

Supplement Support.

In terms of nutritional support, this is a list of supplements that could be beneficial to anyone experiencing chronic fatigue, but this is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Everyone is different, with different triggers and different nutritional needs.

  • Whole Food Multi-Vitamin (Foundational Support, recommended for everyone)
  • Omega-3s (Foundational Support, recommended for everyone)
  • Vitamin D (Foundational Support, recommended for everyone)
  • Cellular Vitality (specific circumstances)
  • Drenamin (specific circumstances)
  • Vitamin C (specific circumstances)
  • Vitamin B-Complex (specific circumstances)
  • Celtic Sea Salt (specific circumstances)

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