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Your First Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy® Appointment

What to Expect

Illustration of DNA cellIf you’re coming to Life Aligned Wellness Center for regenerative services and/or Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy®, it’s important to know what you can expect.

Before Your Appointment

The first step is to fill out a health history form before your appointment. You will receive an email shortly after you make your appointment with a link to the electronic form. If you’ve had images of the area already taken, we will include an electronic records request form for you to complete as well.


At Your Appointment

You’ll meet with our specially trained Nurse Practitioner to discuss your goals for care, health history, take your vitals and examination of the treatment area. We’ll talk about your current concerns and whether we think you may be a candidate. Our Nurse Practitioner will verify whether stem cell therapy is right for you and make recommendations necessary to meet your goals. You’ll finally meet with our case manager to review all costs involved and schedule your injection appointment.

Each Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy® session takes about an hour. Usually, one course is all that’s necessary, though some may benefit from a second application.

Book Your Consultation Today

Are you interested in Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy®? Contact Life Aligned Wellness Center today to schedule a consultation! We’re open late for your convenience.



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