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Stacy Mosora, Regenerative Medicine Educator

Stacy, Mosora, Regenerative Medicine EducatorWith a passion for wellness, Stacy had long been interested in the natural health field. She attended the University of Colorado to earn a business degree, but soon found herself in the world of stem cell therapy. She came across it in her research and knew it would be the ideal avenue for her aging parents, herself and her husband as they got older.

Her education in stem cells deepened when she took on a role with a stem cell manufacturer. Just like at Life Aligned Wellness Center, the stem cells there were sourced from umbilical cord blood.

The Road to Joining Our Practice

Stacy became a patient when she saw Dr. Cox for low back problems. She had heard he worked with athletes, particularly cyclists. As a devoted cyclist, she wanted to get rid of her discomfort and continue her favorite hobby. Dr. Cox had been exploring the world of regenerative medicine, and Stacy soon joined his team.

Within our team, Stacy holds educational workshops and performs the initial patient consultation for stem cell therapy. She’ll talk to you about how it works and get an idea of whether you may be a candidate for this solution.

A Passion for Wellness

Stacy and her husband, a cycling coach, love to do mountain bike racing. They enjoy taking walks with their black Lab, Jasmine. In their spare time, they like to be with their family, including Stacy’s sister and parents who live in our community.

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