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Meet Shelley Valenzuela

Shelley Valenzuela, Weight Loss coachAs the metabolic coach at Life Aligned Wellness Center, Shelley assists practice members with their weight loss and health and wellness goals. “My beliefs focus more on healthy eating, not on dieting; that’s because diets don’t work long term.” She coaches clients through our weight loss program, meeting them twice a month to check on their progress.

“As I struggled with my weight, I wanted to help people like I was helped.” Shelley lost over 90 pounds and has kept it off since 2012. She also served as a personal trainer for about five years. She loves to use her experience to help others get on the path to a healthier life. Shelley possesses an associate’s degree in health and fitness from Brown Mackie College.

She has seen many clients enjoy considerable success. Some who are going through our program have gotten off of their medications and have seen their blood cholesterol return to normal. One individual has only been at the practice a few months and already got off of two of her medications.

Outside Life Aligned Wellness Center

When she’s not at Life Aligned Wellness Center, Shelley practices what she preaches when it comes to health and fitness. She enjoys staying active with her family and spending time outdoors; she likes hiking in particular. Shelley also enjoys researching health and fitness topics. So she can make recommendations to others about healthy places to eat, Shelley likes to go to health-conscious restaurants. Check out her Facebook page for helpful tips and information about health and fitness.

Shelley Valenzuela | (520) 731-9595