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Your First DNA-Based Weight Loss Appointment

Are you interested in a weight loss program that doesn’t involve magic potions or other gimmicks that don’t work? Our metabolic weight loss system may be ideal for you. Below, you can read about what to expect during your first visit and throughout the duration of your program.

Your Initial Consultation

Woman stepping on scalePlease fill out your new patient history form from our website before your appointment. Otherwise, it can be completed when you arrive. The initial consultation will be about 90 minutes. First, you’ll meet with our Metabolic Coach and we’ll gather some information from a body composition analysis scan. It gives us details on your weight, body fat, hydration, bone and muscle mass, metabolic age, and your health and well-being risk factors.

Then, you’ll meet with one of our chiropractors to discuss the program overview and gain an understanding of your healthy weight goal. We will also talk about whether you qualify for this program and if so, how long it would take to meet your goals, and your program options.

More Detail with Your Metabolic Coach

Once you have your doctor’s recommendations, Shelley will go into detail about the program, including time and financial investment. If you’re ready to start, we’ll do a DNA cheek swab test at the end of your first visit.

You’ll receive a program guide, daily journal, supplements to detoxify your body, a body-weight scale and a food scale. As you start your program, you’ll have regular success visits with us to mark your progress. You may have a shorter program lasting just three months. Our more extended programs run for a year or longer.

Creating a Community of Like-Minded People

You’ll also be invited to monthly Metabolic Mastermind groups on the third Wednesday of every month at Life Aligned Wellness Center. These talks involve food prep ideas, food tastings, inspiration and most importantly, connection with others who are in the program.

Let’s Improve Your Health

If you’re sick of weight loss plans that don’t deliver on their promises, we’re here for you. Contact us today to learn more! We can set you up for a same-day appointment so that you don’t have to wait to begin your journey.



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