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How to Get Healthy!

femle hands holding family cutoutHello Everyone, I’m Dr. Lee Ann Kalaba, DC, along with Dr. Chris Cox and our team here at LAWC. With the challenge we are all facing right now, as with any challenge in life, our hope for you is to come out on the other side of it better than you went in. Healthier, stronger, happier, more present, and more at peace. With this in mind, we are providing a series of blog posts to help you Do Your Part. Do your part to create a better, healthier life for you, your family, and other loved ones.

Today, I am going to talk to you about how to get well and stay well. In the end, the more adaptable you are to life’s stressors, the healthier you will be.

I want to ask you a question, what’s the difference between people who are sick and hurting and people who are not? In reality, healthy people don’t get sick. Only unhealthy people get sick. That means a healthy person must first become unhealthy before they get sick. So, how does that happen. The answer is that all illness and dysfunction is caused by the inability to adapt to your environment. Somewhere, somehow, a person became unable to properly adapt to their environment. This is very important, so I want to summarize it:

  • Healthy people don’t get sick.
  • Only unhealthy people get sick.
  • You become unhealthy by losing adaptability to your environment.

So where does that lead us?

The secret to livelong health and healing is superior adaptability.

Here’s something you may not know: The function of our nervous system dictates our adaptability to our environment. How your nervous system goes is how your health goes. And chiropractic helps maximize the adaptability of your nervous system.

What science recognizes is that the lifeline from the brain down through the spinal cord in our bodies is what generates all action, its what generates all chemistry, its what generates all healing, its what generates all adaptability. There is no chemistry in our body that isn’t designed by the brain, communicated through your spinal cord, to the nerves to every organ, tissue and cell in your body. Everything functions by way of the nervous system. This is why the function of our NS dictates our adaptability to our environment. I hope everyone gets that. So the key to health is to maximize your adaptability, and that is exactly what chiropractic allows you to do. So let’s talk more specifically about that.

After having done this for 30+ combined years, there are a few things we have learned to help people understand what is going on in their bodies and how to get healthy. So let’s start with a few points.

First is the simple yet profound foundation that your body is designed to heal itself, perfectly, without drugs and surgery.

Secondly, your CNS is the master control system and it controls and directs all physiology and every single healing process in your entire body. Without your CNS, you can’t move your muscles or your joints, you can’t smell, you can’t smile, you can’t breathe, you can’t eliminate waste, you can’t heal. There is nothing outside the control of your CNS.

With that being said, your CNS can dysfunction or function at less than an optimal level. When that happens, it’s called a NS SUBLUXATION, and that subluxation can prevent your body from healing and repairing the way it is intended. The nervous system is your lifeline, its the healing information, the brain is trying to speak to the body every second of every minute of every day, and subluxation prevents that from happening efficiently.

Now, the next item I need you to understand is that SUBLUXATIONS happen when you have too much stress in your life. These stressors cause an overload in your NS. When we overload the nervous system, the brain can’t talk to the body and the body can’t talk to the brain the way they need to. This lowers adaptability.

Let’s talk about subluxation and stress

There are three categories of stress that cause subluxation:

  • Emotional Stress, like job stress, family stress, relationship stress.
  • Biochemical Stress like too much of the bad food not enough of the good food, prescription medications, drugs, tobacco or alcohol all can overload the system.
  • Physical Stress, like traumas and accidents, poor work ergonomics, poor sleeping positions and even the birthing process for the mother and child. This is why we make it a point, and even a policy to check each person in the FAMILY to create a FAMILY record for the detection of NS SUBLUXATION.

Now, the last thing I need you to understand is that no other healthcare modality addresses subluxation, only chiropractic does that. You can’t exercise enough, you can’t eat well enough, you can’t drug yourself enough, you can’t do enough PT to address subluxations. Only a chiropractic adjustment can remove subluxation from your nervous system. It’s that simple.

At this point, the question you should be asking yourself right now is,

Do I have subluxation and how is it affecting my adaptability?”

Well, this is exactly what we test at LAWC. Yes, we test, we don’t guess. I can’t tell how healthy you are based on looking at you, or even asking you a series of questions. There has to be a set of objective measures to determine if you are returning to a normal state of physiology. This is why we use NASA-approved technology in our office to tell us how your CNS is functioning.

So, the bottom line is this: if you want to heal, you have to improve your adaptability. And if you want A+ adaptability, you have to have your nervous system checked and subluxation adjusted. You simply cannot be healthier than you CNS. It’s impossible.

So, I hope you have a new understanding of why people get sick, and how to get well and stay well. Maximizing your adaptability. If you have any questions or feel inspired to dive into your health and level of adaptability, please visit our website to schedule an appointment or call the front desk at (520) 731-9595. I’m Dr. Lee Ann Kalaba, DC, at LAWC, here to provide you a solid, trust-worthy foundation you can use to build your health and create the best version of you!

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