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How to Begin An Anti-Inflammatory Diet Today

playful mom and daughter making saladBelow is a guide to begin eliminating inflammation from your body by removing common food triggers from your diet. You can start slowly, such as preparing one meal per day according to these guidelines. Build up to all three meals per day over a few weeks time and see just how good you can feel with some simple changes to your lifestyle.

Remember, please consult your healthcare provider to supervise such changes.


  1. All dairy products
  2. All soy products
  3. All grains (bread, pasta, rice)
  4. White potatoes (sweet potatoes are okay)
  5. Sugar/Artificial sweeteners

Instead, eat moderate amounts (about the size of a deck of cards) of healthy protein (beef, chicken, fish, etc.), with as many fruits and vegetables as you desire, always consuming twice as many vegetables as fruit per day. Always choose organic food whenever possible.

Herbal teas are also recommended. And, try coconut milk as an alternative to dairy.

Many people are reluctant to eat vegetables for breakfast. Try it. You might be surprised!

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