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Have You Got a Case of the Slumps?

For the month of August, we will be honoring our teachers with Teacher Referral Month! With school starting back, we want to celebrate All they do to educate and prepare our children for the future. Teachers are the back bone of our society and they deserve our appreciation.
Look for a special gift to give to the teachers in your life!

Dealing With Adversity
No one can avoid adversity in human life.
We need inner methods for responding constructively to life’s challenges and cultivating peaceful habits of mind. Buddhist training the mind instructions, known as Lojong, contain such inner methods of transformation.
Finally, every experience of life can become part of our path to freedom and enlightenment for the benefit of all.
Our Guest Speaker: Gen Kelsang Lingpur
Gen Kelsang Lingpur has served as Principal Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Center Arizona here in Tucson since 2002 and has been studying and practicing Buddhism for over 20 years. She is a direct disciple of the internationally recognized Buddhist master Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, author of 22 books and founder of the New Kadampa Tradition with 250 centers and over 1000 branches worldwide.
Who: All who are interested in experiencing more happiness!
Where: Life Aligned Wellness Center 7290 E. Broadway #178
When: Monday, August 17th from 6:30—8:00pm
Please call or sign up to register ASAP as we only have room for 20 guests!

Our quarterly Referral Dinner is right around the corner, on August 20th! We are even changing the venue!  After over 3 years of honoring those that trust the health of their loved one with us, we are trying out a new location – Zin Burger!!  So if you received an invitation, we are looking forward to receiving your confirmation and seeing you there!! This is a golden opportunity to spend time one on one with the doc while enjoying a great meal and stimulating conversation. And it is also our chance to say “Thank You So Much!!” for your confidence in our clinic!


Our office will be closing early on August 27th because Dr. Cox will be teaching a seminar in Denver, CO!!  Look for details in the office next week.

HealthTip of the Week

Natural Energy Enhancement
If your body is functioning inefficiently, it takes more effort and more energy just to get through your normal activities of daily living. Since the nervous system coordinates function in the body, it makes sense that an inefficiently functioning body results from an inefficiently functioning nervous system. Chiropractic patients report increased energy levels.
Sustain High Energy All Day Without Caffeine
America is hooked on caffeine. And, while there may not be a relationship between one or two cups of coffee in the morning and the mid-afternoon energy slump that many experience every day…let’s look at ways to get through the slump with good energy and without adding more caffeine to the equation.
Here are some suggestions:
1. Skip the caffeine and sugar in the morning to start with so the body can function more normally.
2. Eat a good, nutritious breakfast every day. Avoid sugary cereals and breads.
3. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
4. Avoid having a high carbohydrate meal for lunch…stay away from breads, pastas, sodas.
5. Do eat a high protein lunch. Try salads with a lean source of protein like fish or a chicken breast.
6. Start getting a good night’s sleep every night. Recent studies suggest that 7 hours is ideal for most people.
7. Take a walk…a brisk walk…to and from lunch. Perhaps even a couple of turns around the block before getting back to work.
8. However, if you are restricted to the confines of your cubicle at work, getting in a work out can be a dilemma. Try some desk based exercising every few hours. According to the University of California, this will ease tension and get your blood flow going.
The Bottom Line…The Bottom Line…The Bottom Line…
To prevent the mid-afternoon slump and keep cognitive function at its highest, it is essential to allow your body to recharge. “Our energy is not a limitless resource, but it is something we can invest back into so we aren’t running on fumes,” said Heidi Hanna, Ph.D., CEO of the Synergy Foundation for Brain Health. This is a concept we have discussed in the past. Are you adding destructive or constructive survival value to your life through your actions every day?

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