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Meet Tucson Chiropractor, Dr. Chris Cox

Growing up With Pain

Tucson chiropractor Dr. Chris CoxI had painful knee problems for most of my life, starting with growing pains I experienced as a kid. I tried everything under the sun to get rid of them. My mom was an RN and we saw everyone in the medical system, from physical therapists to surgeons. Nothing seemed to help!

I switched from cross country running to swimming due to my knee problems, but still had to take between 800-2400 mg of ibuprofen a day to keep going! The pain continued through high school and into college, where I played volleyball.

Finding Hope

Dr. Cox had to stop being active because the pain was so bad. He gained 60-70 pounds and resigned himself to a life without physical activity. He started chiropractic care without mentioning his knees, instead letting the chiropractor work on his low back, sinus and digestive issues.

After a few months, he saw improvement and realized his knees were getting better as well!

The doctor sat him down and explained how the body was designed to heal itself. The chiropractic care Dr. Cox received allowed his nervous system to operate at its peak potential, letting his body repair itself.

A Scientific Education

Dr. Cox saw the logic in the chiropractor’s explanation. He moved from where he was living in Chicago back to Minnesota where he grew up. When he found a new chiropractor there, Dr. Cox knew he wanted to go into chiropractic. He finished his undergraduate degree and attended Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN.

Chiropractic just made sense. Taking medications wasn’t addressing the cause of my problem.”
Dr. Chris Cox

Understanding the Body’s Needs

Dr. Cox attended the same chiropractic college his chiropractor had attended. He knew that the chosen school would allow him to get the knowledge and learning he needed with a strong, science-based background. Dr. Cox worked hard outside of school to understand the philosophy of healing, how the body heals and repairs itself. ‘’I know how it feels to suffer and not experience the level of happiness or vitality you’re searching for. I want to help you start to turn that around and get your life back to the way it should be.”

Being Active with Chiropractic’s Help

Dr. Cox has enjoyed amazing accomplishments since chiropractic came into his life. He competes in Ironman triathlons, races bikes and has played semi-pro sand volleyball.  ‘’I’ve regained so much of my life as a result of chiropractic and all the things that go along with a healthy lifestyle.” Dr. Cox also knows the importance of good nutrition and managing life’s daily stresses, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge with our practice members.

Enjoying Life

Dr. Cox has two amazing children, Sydney and Carter. One of Dr. Cox’s passions in life is having meaningful conversations with people. His spare time is spent with family and friends, cooking and enjoying great food, and being outside and active.

“Chiropractic felt right for me, and I am confident you’ll see the amazing results I did.” Contact us today to schedule your time.

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