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INSiGHT Scanning System and Your COREscore


Core Score ReportAt Life Aligned Wellness Center, we test—we don’t guess—the state of a patient’s nervous system using cutting edge technology: the INSiGHT scanning system. This provides a thorough analysis of the functioning nervous system, delivering the revolutionary COREscore as the most powerful and simplified way to measure and describe changes in neurology over time—your neural-structural optimization.

The INSiGHT scanning technologies and COREscore offer the perfect visualization of the impact of damaging stress and the power of being adjusted. Each patient is re-examined over time, documenting response to care. This allows us to know that we are on the right track and when we need to fine tune your care plan even more, so that you can embrace the bigness of life instead of limiting your chiropractic experience to symptoms, alone.

Individualized Feedback

The INSiGHT system is a validated, peer-reviewed technology that uses the 3 most important measurements of neural-structural optimization and involves non-invasive, painless measurements that take roughly 10 minutes to complete. The outcome assessment is your very own COREscore for neural-structural optimization, based on the following:

  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Surface Electromyogram (sEMG)
  • Spinal Thermography

Your COREscore gives your chiropractor an accurate picture of how you are affected by chronic stress, helping you understand the impact of unresolved stressors on your current and future health outcomes.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Assesses the damage of long-term stress on the patients’ overall reserve—how much energy do you have?

Chiropractic is founded on the basic principles that a body’s ability to self-heal and self-regulate is under the control of the nervous system. The capacity of the nervous system to respond efficiently and appropriately is directly related to the body’s ability to adapt. Over time, as unresolved stressful events occur from any or all of the three dimensions of stress (physical, emotional and biochemical,) adaptability of the nervous system can diminish.

An unbalanced and distracted nervous system has little reserve to handle ongoing stress, impacting short- and long-term health. HRV measures your adaptability and represents how much reserve you have to respond to daily and eventful stressors.

Surface Electromyogram

Identifies how postural energy is affecting overall muscle tone and whether you are becoming exhausted from that experience—how are you spending your energy?

When a nervous system is compromised by stress, the natural response is one of protection. Muscles fire and contract. Joints lock and postures become flexed, tilted and rigid. The spinal system is pulled out of balance while constantly reacting to stress, making the entire body energy inefficient. It’s incredibly inefficient to have postural distortions, wasting neuromuscular energy, disorganizing the neuromuscular balance and exhausting the energetic reserves. Surface EMG measures the combined outcomes of postural and neuromuscular exhaustion and its impact on your health. We can see how wasted postural energy (EMG) coincides with a lowered reserve (HRV), showing the impact of ongoing stressors on your entire health.

Spinal Thermography

Confirms if a deepening process is taking place—is it actually making you sick?

At each level of the nervous system, there is the potential for stressors to impact the autonomics (end organs) controlled by that nerve.

The combination of a challenged reserve (HRV) and altered postural energy distribution (sEMG) may lead to dysfunction of the end organs, which is a sign of a deeper response to those stressors.

This scan records the degree of control of organs and glands. It demonstrates whether or not a patient is literally getting sick from the experience of unmanaged stress and lack of reorganizational controls.

An Assessment of Your Nervous System

In the end, the higher the COREscore, the healthier you are. Scanning the nervous system is an essential approach to understanding the negative effects of stress, and equally as important to show how consistent adjustments release unhealthy patterns and rebuild new and effective neural processing. Chiropractic outcomes are focused on the restoration of neural control so that an enlivening process is activated, which not only triggers the healing and reorganization of spines, tissues and organs, but prepares the person to be socially, emotionally and physically equipped to accept new and demanding challenges. These challenges form the basis for optimizing the expression of human potential.

The INSiGHT scans tell us how much reserve your nervous system has to work with and then shows how your postural muscles are supporting or wasting that vital energy. Finally, we see if those stresses are deeply affecting the control of your organs and glands. Together, all of this information helps us to understand how to begin to build back your reserve, rework your posture and keep your nerves free from interference.


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