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Chiropractic Care for Athletes in Tucson

The Whole-Person Approach to Peak Performance and Injury Recovery

Tucson Sports Chiropractic for Athletes

Chiropractic care has been utilized by many of the world’s best athletes for years. In my experience, there are two reasons for this:

Our unique perspective and assessment allows us insight into the physical, bio-chemical and mental/emotional factors that influence performance and healing.
  • Athletes are often interested in performing at their best. This requires the body to respond, react and adapt with the highest degrees of efficiency. This efficiency is highly dependent upon the central nervous system function at its absolute peak.
  • Injury is inevitable when it comes to being an athlete. Part of pushing your body to its limits is breakdown. Training is calculated breakdown. However, sometimes we can go a bit overboard with training and do not take enough recovery time.

Our body suffers from this constant overload and our resiliency, recovery and adaptability are compromised. Other times there is trauma. The acute issues must be dealt with first. Then the assessment for the potential chronic issue must occur to ensure a return to peak performance post injury. Either way, the body needs to heal.

As a life-long athlete and cyclist/triathlete since 2008, Dr. Cox has experienced the ups and downs of competing and training. This personal experience, combined with working with some of the world’s best athletes, gives him a very unique understanding of what the body needs to be capable of handling in respects to training and the hidden (often long term) effects of injury and trauma.

Taking a Holistic Approach

Man tying laces on running shoeBecause we take a comprehensive approach to care at our office, we help people look at all the factors of their life that are contributing to the state that their body exists in. What things are limiting your healing process and what can we do to strengthen the body’s innate ability to perform and heal at its best.

For example, looking at nutrition is part of that assessment. If an injured athlete is eating a diet that’s creating an inflammatory process that prevents the body from healing well, the recovery time’s going to be longer.

There needs to be a plan in place for the body to get what it needs to heal and repair at its best.

Helping You Be Your Best

At Life Aligned Wellness Center, we envision a world of people consciously creating their health future. We also help people align their lives so they can express their greatness.

Whether a patient is dealing with a crisis injury or wanting to achieve peak athletic performance, we will work to help them move their life in the direction that they want it to go so their body can be the greatest it can be.[/notebox]

Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to ramp up your athletic performance with chiropractic, contact us to get started!



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