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A Time to Lose?

Fat center

There’s Hope!

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Want to be a Real Man?

Well, Real Men take care of their health!! Your health is your top priority- your body is the vessel of your success and without it, there’s nothing to be Macho about! So please, for yourself and those you love, join us to learn how you can be your best!

Macho Man will be held at the Arizona Beer House on Sat. June 25th
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******Schedule Update******

Please be advised that our office will be closed for the week of July 4th – July 7th.   We will be taking a little bit of family time and the team will be attending some continuing education hours over the weekend in Denver. The office will resume regular hours on Monday July 11th. Please make sure to mark your calendars and get checked before then!!

HealthTip  of the Week

Maria Montessori:

 “It is easy to substitute our will for that of the child by means of suggestion or coercion; but when we have done this we have robbed him of his greatest right, the right to construct his own personality.”

Is it time to see ADD/ADHD in a different light?

We think so…

ADD and ADHD and Environmental Factors

Last week, we introduced this topic and have been flooded with requests for more information on the environmental factors that have been associated with ADD and ADHD.  We found, going back to that there is an entire section on this topic alone.  Here is a summary of their findings:

Even small amounts of lead can be harmful. Potential sources of lead include:

  • contaminated dust and soil
  • paint chips from older houses
  • drinking water from older plumbing
  • breast milk
  • cheap jewelry or PVC blinds
  • glassware or ceramics

Exposure to lead has been linked to:

  • lower IQ
  • reading and learning disabilities
  • disruptive behavior in the classroom
  • reduced ability to pay attention
  • increased risk of criminal behavior

PCB’s, while banned in the US for over 30 years, stay in the environment.  Children may be exposed to PCBs:

  • before birth,as PCBs cross the placenta
  • by drinking breast milk
  • by eating fish and fatty foods containing PCBs

High level PCB exposure has been linked to:

  • lower full-scale and verbal IQ scores
  • attention problems
  • memory problems

Please see us for more information.

The Bottom Line…The Bottom Line…The Bottom Line…

According to an article by Dr. Christopher Kent in the Chiropractic Journal and later reprinted in the International Guide to the World of Alternative Mental Health, “more research exploring the relationship of subluxation correction to brain function is needed.  Yet, the dramatic changes that have been reported in children medically diagnosed with ADD/ADHD following chiropractic care must not be ignored.”  For you, your family and those you know-the next step is a first step!

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